Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama

I heard this song about two years ago but didnt actually see the video until several months ago when a friend showed me. I have to say I couldn't have asked for a better one. If you haven't seen this before take a look, Its pretty funny, and its a fantastic song too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Strokes... back or gone for good?

After a five year long give and take, The Strokes have finally released the fourth album 'Angles' that many were beginning to doubt would ever come. I've listened through about three times and I have to say that while it might not be the most solid album I've heard lately, there was enough there to keep me pleased with the result.

The signs of the changes the band has been facing over the last couple of years are definitely evident. It's a lot less Julian and a lot more Strokes, so to speak. As you might guess, there's definitely a new kind sound here that we have not heard before. There are spots where I definitely felt the album faltered, but not enough for me to be disappointed with the direction they've taken. Strokes fans are probably going to have to accept that there will never be another album like Is This It, but I say give 'Angles' a listen through once or twice, its worth it. "Under the Cover of Darkness" is a song definitely worthy of some attention...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vampire Weekend have proven themselves to be the grooviest rock band to walk the face of the earth since Steely Dan... listened to this while walking to class today..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beck is an interesting guy because he's kind of a shapeshifter. He's able to switch between a lot of different styles on his albums which really proves him to be quite a talented artist. this is a great song from his album 'Guero', which came out in 2005. I have to say its not my favorite album of his (listen to Odelay) but this song definitely stands out.

He's also a Scientologist though so... go figure haha
An old favorite... enjoy :P

Welcome to my page!

I came to to the realization a few days ago that I could not remember the last time a day had gone by where I did not listen to music...

I think more than anything else, I draw my inspiration from music. I want to use this page to share some of the different songs that inspire me every day, and hopefully make my daily music listening a little less of an antisocial experience... haha

I listen to a lot of different things, so its more than likely you're going to hear something you haven't before. Let me know what you think

I'm also a musician myself, so maybe I'll post some of my own stuff as well... who knows :P

Have a good day!